Dispute Parking Ticket

3 Ways To Beat That Next Parking Ticket

You may not need a superstar lawyer to beat your next parking ticket. something as simple as wrong or missing information on your parking ticket can be the easiest way to dodge paying parking ticket fines and wasted time at the city finance center. Next time you get a parking ticket pay attention to the information that’s listed on it and keep these 3 errors in mind as you review it:

1. The ticket is not legible

With typing and texting becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, the art of handwriting is unfortunately fading away. On the bright-side, bad or illegible handwriting on your parking ticket can be a saving grace and invalidate the parking ticket you received!

2. The vehicle information/ physical description is wrong

Traffic officers must record the right information down on the parking ticket they issue. Details such as the vehicle color, body type, manufacturer, plate type (do you have normal or vanity plates?) must be correctly noted. Be sure to verify that your license plate number as well as the state of your registration was listed correctly (if at all) on your ticket. If you see any inconsistencies or flat out missing information about your vehicle on your ticket, you may be able to walk away scot-free!

3.The information about the time and place ticket was issued is wrong.

Make sure that the information about where and when you got your parking ticket is accurate. Did the issuing officer not specify whether you were parked in ‘Front of’ or ‘Opposite’ the address in question?  Did the officer issue the ticket in the wrong county? (You got a ticket in the Bronx but the ticket claims it was issued in Brooklyn)  Are the days/times of a regulation in effect incorrectly or simply not specified at all on your ticket? Did the issuing officer claim the ticket was given at 8:30 pm when in fact it was issued at 8:30 am? Or is the date the officer noted on your ticket wrong or not even specified? If you answer yes to any of these questions, your parking ticket is likely to be invalid.

What to Bring to an In-Person Parking Ticket Hearing

So the city has accepted your request to have an in-person parking ticket hearing to dispute your parking ticket, but now what? Just like any important  event or appointment, it’s always best to be prepared for your hearing and understand its procedures and requirements. A good lawyer wouldn’t walk into a courtroom without having a clear game plan and strong evidence to support their case and while a parking ticket isn’t as serious as a criminal case, you shouldn’t walk into your hearing without all the necessary documents and evidence to support your claim either!  Please note, we covered in a previous article, the locations of the Business Centers across the city.  Below are a couple things you should be sure to  bring with you to your in-person hearing:


Bring evidence to support your plea of “Not Guilty,” such as:

  • Photographs
  • Repair bills
  • Police reports
  • Department of Motor Vehicles or insurance company reports
  • Towing bills

You must also bring your

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Vehicle registration
  • Title or Rental Agreement


While it’s typical for the registered owner of a vehicle to dispute her or his own parking ticket, an eligible representative can also dispute a parking ticket on your behalf. If you decide to have an eligible representative dispute your parking ticket for you, make sure you provide them with all necessary documentation prior to your hearing. Remember folks, disputing a parking ticket may not be as stressful as getting one if you come prepared and have everything you need to support your claim!

How To – Dispute A Parking Ticket

Finding a parking ticket slapped under your windshield wiper is a sure fire way to ruin even a perfect day, but don’t fret New Yorkers! Just because you got a parking ticket doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t fight it and avoid having to pay a hefty fine. One of the easiest way to beat a ticket is to do so on a technicality.  If you would rather to just pay it you can also visit our payment portal.  Although traffic officers writing out the summons must enter all data correctly, errors can definitely turn up on your ticket.

Request An In-Person Hearing

If you believe that  your parking ticket has incorrect information on it or is simply flat out wrong, you can choose to dispute it and request a hearing  online, by mail, or in person at any Finance Business Center for a walk-in hearing. These hearings are on a first-come, first-served basis between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday with no appointment necessary. Hearings can be requested up to one year after the judgment date but it’s better to dispute the ticket within 30 days of receiving the violation as you can still be subject to late penalties after the 30th day. If the judge finds you guilty, you may have to pay the penalties. Once you have been granted a hearing, be sure to provide as much evidence and information that supports your dispute against the parking ticket. Don’t forget to bring a valid Driver’s License, your Vehicle registration and title or rental agreement.

Request an Online Hearing

If you choose to request an online hearing and have evidence you want the judge to consider (photographs of signs/street, documents, etc.) you must fill out and submit an online hearing request form. All evidence must be submitted at once since you may not have another opportunity to submit evidence after your hearing. If you are submitting evidence online, make sure you submit no more than 5MB of evidence to system as files that are larger than 5MB will not be accepted online. If this is the case, submit your hearing request and evidence by mail or in person at a Finance Business Center.

Request a Hearing by Mail

To have a hearing by mail, return the ticket with the reasons why you believe you are not guilty checked off on the back. Be sure to attach a letter explaining why your evidence and reasons support your dispute as well as copies of any evidence that you wish to present. If you are sending photographs of parking signs, include all signs on the side of the street where you received the ticket. Pictures must be of the entire block from corner to corner, with the front and back of signs. Include a picture of the street name. If you want show that the parking ticket has your registration information wrong, simply send or bring a copy of the registration with the correct information to your hearing. If you are sending or bringing a copy of a parking permit to your hearing, make sure the permit is good for the area where you were parked.

If you disputed the parking ticket online or by mail, the judge’s decision will be mailed  to you. If you had an in-person hearing at a NYC Finance Business Center, you will receive the decision right away. If the decision asks you to provide additional evidence, be sure to follow the instructions and include your ticket number. Remember, you have the right to appeal a hearing decision within thirty days if you think the judge got it wrong too!