NYC Parking Sign Series – Hourly Parking


Parking Ticket Tip – If you park here between the hours listed above, you MUST feed the meter.

The “HOURLY PARKING” street sign means between that you can safely park your vehicle at that location.  Please note however, that during a specific time period, (8am – 7pm in this case), you will need to put money in the meter and display a muni-meter receipt on your windshield.

The structure of the Hourly Parking Sign is as follows:

  • The # [2] in the top left corner tells you the maximum amount of time in hours you can pay for before renewing.
  • The [8am – 7pm] tells you that you only have to feed the meter during this time.
  • The [Except Sunday] means the rules don’t apply on a Sunday.  You can park there all day without having to worry about receiving a muni-meter parking ticket.